I paid off 40K worth of credit debt

A year after we married I paid off 40K worth of credit debt (I also paid for the wedding/honeymoon expenses, which were 13K). But, I figured, if the debts were gone then we were starting with a clean slate. He assured me that it wouldn’t happen again. I pressed him, multiple times, to sit down with me and formulate a budget, but he was very resistant and said it wouldn’t work since expenses varied from month to month. I would draft and then type up budgets for his consideration. I took him at his word and trusted him to keep things under control. I asked him pointedly, many times, how we were doing, could we afford this, or that, and he always said yes, we could.

(He is similarly resistant about going to the Dr. or the Dentist, which drives me crazy as he is 46 and has two minor dependents and really should be looking after himself.)

In the interim, we had two children (now 6 and 4). Our 6 year old is disabled (autistic) and at about a 1-year level of functioning. Our four-year old is developing typically.

Then I investigated a first-time homebuyers program and I found out that he had grossly underestimated our actual level of debt. I believed it to be about 9K (tax debt which was being paid off) but it was in actuality, higher than that. I was very hurt and felt betrayed and angry, but extracting information from him was that difficult.

We don’t go out. I subscribe to one magazine. We don’t eat out. Most of my clothes are second-hand and the boys clothes are mainly birthday/Christmas gifts from relatives.

My husband’s income is 60K, take-home is about 40K. Our rent is $1425. The car will be paid off in October. We have basic telephone service, no extras. We don’t belong to any movie or book clubs. We don’t have club memberships and we don’t donate to charities.

I do want to cut out the cable and go back to a dial-up service but the (multiple) times I have brought this up my husband tries to tell me that I am trying to punish him.

Believe me, I do want to be on the same page and I would really prefer, at this point, if I were in charge of budgeting and household expenditures.

One thing I am doing is selling my books on Half

I am not familiar with the terms pro-rata plan or debt snowball by Dave Ramsey (here is the link to his website)

I would say that I am fairly religious. I have prayed about this. I had hoped to preserve these savings for a trust fund for our disabled son or for my other son’s education or for our retirement. I feel very strongly that we should live within our income and I do feel very resentful and angry (sometimes) that my husband did not tell me what was going on. Even when I did ask about things he would not disclose the information.

I truly want things to work out for us but I cannot give him 15-20K every couple of years because he is reluctant to change when I have always been ready to make the changes necessary to live within our income.

I know being in debt is depressing

I know being in debt is depressing but try stay steady for your kids.Please don’t think I’m trying to judge your husband but he is really being selfish right now b/c his actions affect the entire family.I think as long as you do all the work he will never hit bottom concerning his debt b/c he feels that your “nest egg” will sustain you guys. I think you should not pay AMEX for your husband if you all will not lose your essentials.

A local debt counselor told me I was in too big a hurry to pay off something that took me years to accumulate.Instead she told me to be patient with myself and take one thing at a time to make head way and to feel less depressed about what I got myself into.If you can use this advice in any capacity I hope it helps.Make your husband share some of this burden with you since it’s his burden.I wish you the best… Whenever if ever you need an ear,shoulder or an e-smile I’m always available.

It is scary the information that is out there

It is scary the information that is out there. Many of you may have heard of www.Zabasearch.com. You can type in someone’s name and their address is given and for a few bucks (under $20 which is nothing to the credit card companies and collection agencies) you can get a list of info like criminal record, relatives AND associates, etc. No doubt these services have access to stuff we would rather they did not know but how to protect it all. I’m unlisted in the phone book but there is my address for the world to see…

I wasn’t on there, but my husband and my mom are on there. Scary stuff. I wonder how accurate their background info is and if they know the last time I went to the bathroom?

How would I go about writing the limited cease and desist letter? If I do this, the calls will stop and they can only contact us by mail? Is this correct?

I had a divorce more then a few years ago and it was disgusting what was on my credit report. I had old debts that had been paid in full many years ago popping up as new debts with other Junk Debt buyers.

Anyways I looked online for help and found Credit Boards which has been a big help (they have sample letters, free no money) for people who want to do it themselves. I dont know if I can post websites but the two websites that have helped me clear up one of my credit reports totally, one almost there and we wont talk about about the third thats still be working on.

Anyways look on :




creditors calling family members

Today one of the credit card companies that is trying to collect a debt from us called my inlaws house looking for us. Am I wrong, but I was under the understanding creditors couldn’t call family concerning a collection of debt.

I’m guessing they maybe called because it was an old number for my husband, even though he’s 36 and hasn’t lived there since he was 17. I also thought they couldn’t identify themselves to someone other then us, they didn’t tell my inlaws what the call involved, but did tell them who was calling.

I think that is why they all want numbers of “friends and family” on the applications. I think they were out of line. It could be a violation, have you written a limited cease and desist letter that is certified mail, return reciept to this company, to only contact you in writing?

based upon what you have described, it appears to have been a lawful collection call. What does the law say about this? A debt collector can call anyone as long as they have not been directed to contact the debtor only by mail, and as long as they do not disclose the details. The rules are found in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Sections 804 and 805 of the Act address your concerns. Section 804 is below. Go to https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/rules/rulemaking-regulatory-reform-proceedings/fair-debt-collection-practices-act-text#805 to read section 805.

I have had bill collectors call us for my sisters info. I got fed up and gave them her phone # but not an address or anything. They made a deal wiht her and my sister honestly didn’t realize she still had this debt it was from an old computer from a bunch of years ago. They lowered it to like she had to pay 30% of the debt so at least that’s off her back. But they also called my mom as well.

My inlaws would have never been listed. We barely speak to my inlaws and would never list them for anything. The fact that family was called on this is disturbing, but the fact that they out of all people were called is even more disturbing because they are the last people I would want involved in any of this because we don’t even let them get that involved in our regular life.

See if there are any do it yourself type places

See if there are any do it yourself type places. When I filed BK in 1990, I went throuh a place in LA called Legal Action Workshop. they do up all your paperwork and you speak to an attorney, but you go to court by yourself. Now, that was 17 years ago, a BK lawyer was charging $1000.00 to represent you, then do it yourself place charged $350.00. Call the Bar association and see if they have a place like that near you.

Is there a law college near you? Law students under supervision often help with legal paperwork in order to get experience. Some schools even have free or low-cost clinics. It can’t hurt to at least check it out.

Levy on bank account-question

I talked to a legal aid lawyer re-filing for bankruptcy, and yes, with some trepidation, but the cheapest lawyer I found wanted $2000, and I have no money.

I don’t own a home, old car, unemployed, less than $1000 in bank. So the legal aid lawyer told me they could not take my case for bankruptcy because I had nothing the creditors could take. [except my sanity].

The legal aid lawyer told me I did not have to worry about my bank account because they could not touch it since it was less than $1000. I now am waiting for a call back from her supervisor as to whether or not this is correct information. Meanwhile, though I would ask here. Anybody know?

They emptied out my account, all $672.00 of it, and I didn’t know it until I got an overdraft notice, so now all my checks are bouncing and I’ve got overdraft fees from the bank!

Thanks for any info.