See if there are any do it yourself type places

See if there are any do it yourself type places. When I filed BK in 1990, I went throuh a place in LA called Legal Action Workshop. they do up all your paperwork and you speak to an attorney, but you go to court by yourself. Now, that was 17 years ago, a BK lawyer was charging $1000.00 to represent you, then do it yourself place charged $350.00. Call the Bar association and see if they have a place like that near you.

Is there a law college near you? Law students under supervision often help with legal paperwork in order to get experience. Some schools even have free or low-cost clinics. It can’t hurt to at least check it out.

Levy on bank account-question

I talked to a legal aid lawyer re-filing for bankruptcy, and yes, with some trepidation, but the cheapest lawyer I found wanted $2000, and I have no money.

I don’t own a home, old car, unemployed, less than $1000 in bank. So the legal aid lawyer told me they could not take my case for bankruptcy because I had nothing the creditors could take. [except my sanity].

The legal aid lawyer told me I did not have to worry about my bank account because they could not touch it since it was less than $1000. I now am waiting for a call back from her supervisor as to whether or not this is correct information. Meanwhile, though I would ask here. Anybody know?

They emptied out my account, all $672.00 of it, and I didn’t know it until I got an overdraft notice, so now all my checks are bouncing and I’ve got overdraft fees from the bank!

Thanks for any info.