creditors calling family members

Today one of the credit card companies that is trying to collect a debt from us called my inlaws house looking for us. Am I wrong, but I was under the understanding creditors couldn’t call family concerning a collection of debt.

I’m guessing they maybe called because it was an old number for my husband, even though he’s 36 and hasn’t lived there since he was 17. I also thought they couldn’t identify themselves to someone other then us, they didn’t tell my inlaws what the call involved, but did tell them who was calling.

I think that is why they all want numbers of “friends and family” on the applications. I think they were out of line. It could be a violation, have you written a limited cease and desist letter that is certified mail, return reciept to this company, to only contact you in writing?

based upon what you have described, it appears to have been a lawful collection call. What does the law say about this? A debt collector can call anyone as long as they have not been directed to contact the debtor only by mail, and as long as they do not disclose the details. The rules are found in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Sections 804 and 805 of the Act address your concerns. Section 804 is below. Go to to read section 805.

I have had bill collectors call us for my sisters info. I got fed up and gave them her phone # but not an address or anything. They made a deal wiht her and my sister honestly didn’t realize she still had this debt it was from an old computer from a bunch of years ago. They lowered it to like she had to pay 30% of the debt so at least that’s off her back. But they also called my mom as well.

My inlaws would have never been listed. We barely speak to my inlaws and would never list them for anything. The fact that family was called on this is disturbing, but the fact that they out of all people were called is even more disturbing because they are the last people I would want involved in any of this because we don’t even let them get that involved in our regular life.