He is trying to get you to take care of him

I think he is trying to get you to take care of him. I know one woman who was in a situation almost exactly like yours and her husband got injured in a car crash – shortly after she’d prepared her exit plan (you need to do a yahoo group search for emotional abuse) You will find you are all married to the same man.

Anyway, when he was injured she had to lay out his clothes, wash him in the shower and help dress him. Well, she’s still doing it. And asking herself why? It’s really sad. Be careful and if you decide you want to leave do NOT tell him because even if he isn’t a physical abuser that can change in a second.

Many employers don’t have benefits – if there are no health problems it is fairly inexpensive – as low as $250 a month for some insurance – like here with blue cross. But in arizona even when we were making fair m oney, we couldn’t get insurance for me due to pre-existing.