It is scary the information that is out there

It is scary the information that is out there. Many of you may have heard of You can type in someone’s name and their address is given and for a few bucks (under $20 which is nothing to the credit card companies and collection agencies) you can get a list of info like criminal record, relatives AND associates, etc. No doubt these services have access to stuff we would rather they did not know but how to protect it all. I’m unlisted in the phone book but there is my address for the world to see…

I wasn’t on there, but my husband and my mom are on there. Scary stuff. I wonder how accurate their background info is and if they know the last time I went to the bathroom?

How would I go about writing the limited cease and desist letter? If I do this, the calls will stop and they can only contact us by mail? Is this correct?

I had a divorce more then a few years ago and it was disgusting what was on my credit report. I had old debts that had been paid in full many years ago popping up as new debts with other Junk Debt buyers.

Anyways I looked online for help and found Credit Boards which has been a big help (they have sample letters, free no money) for people who want to do it themselves. I dont know if I can post websites but the two websites that have helped me clear up one of my credit reports totally, one almost there and we wont talk about about the third thats still be working on.

Anyways look on :