Levy on bank account-question

I talked to a legal aid lawyer re-filing for bankruptcy, and yes, with some trepidation, but the cheapest lawyer I found wanted $2000, and I have no money.

I don’t own a home, old car, unemployed, less than $1000 in bank. So the legal aid lawyer told me they could not take my case for bankruptcy because I had nothing the creditors could take. [except my sanity].

The legal aid lawyer told me I did not have to worry about my bank account because they could not touch it since it was less than $1000. I now am waiting for a call back from her supervisor as to whether or not this is correct information. Meanwhile, though I would ask here. Anybody know?

They emptied out my account, all $672.00 of it, and I didn’t know it until I got an overdraft notice, so now all my checks are bouncing and I’ve got overdraft fees from the bank!

Thanks for any info.