This guy is not going to change

It should be very clear this guy is not going to change. My mother told the story that the week before they got married, my father told her he quit his job. She considered cancelling the wedding but that sort of thing wasn’t done way back then. She would have been better off if she had. He would have great jobs, quit them and then take a crappy job which he would complain about. Neither of my parents were good with money and I inherited that. I do my best.

Anyway, your husband does not seem to understand what is involved with his one son and with both his children in general. My gosh, doing the simple math, let’s say he takes 36,000 home a year. After subtracting rent, he has $1575 a month extra which could be put in savings, etc.

I wish I had that much extra every month. My bills would be paid in no time. Sometimes I even have to go sites like and apply for $500 payday loan to makes my ends meet (((