We have a list of Drs. we can choose from

We have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois…we have a list of Drs. we can choose from. Basic care is covered (like checkups). There are deductibles for some things. Dental is through a MetLife company.

Covers preventive stuff, like exams and cleanings, at 100% and other things at 80%. He pays about 200. per month–deducted by his employer–for this coverage. I’ve brought the boys to most of their Drs. appts. and have brought them to their first dental appts. as well….I want them to have the habit of going to the Dr./Dentist so they will keep doing it into adulthood. They also see that I go to the Dr./Dentist and that I take care of myself (as best I can) and that this is what one does.

I figure…if you are fortunate enough to have coverage…you should use it.